The Tir Righ Heraldic Staff

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The Tir Righ Heraldic Staff

For an explanation of the heraldic titles and jobs, see Heraldic Titles.

Silver Yale Herald
Master Garet Doiron
(David Sharpe)

Hafoc Herald (Contingency Deputy)
HL Anthony Hawke
(Mike Dowd)
(Included in Silver Yale's email)

Heraldic Reporting Deputy
HL Anthony Hawke
(Mike Dowd)

Silver Pillar Herald (Order of Precedence Deputy)
HL Rose Cam-beul

Red Flame Herald (Submissions Deputy)
Laird James Irvein
(Jay Irvine)

Silver Sparkes Pursuivant (Administrative Deputy to Red Flame)
Bantiarna Sadhbh Bheag inghen Toirrdhealbhaigh
(Angela Gallant)

Blue Inkhorn Pursuivant (Notification Deputy to Red Flame)
HL Edwina De Herst
(Adina Mounsey)

Silver Wolf Herald (Field and Town Crier Deputy)
HL Vladimir Andreivich Aleksandrov
(Michael Chorney)

Black Adderbolt Herald (Heraldic Educational Deputy)
HL Cáemgen mac Garbith ui Andrais
(Kevin Gougelet)

Silver Hand Herald (Silent Herald)
HL Morgaine Essex
(Dawn Sharcott)

Lynx Herald (Website Deputy)
Viscountess Wulfwyn of Meduseld
(Carole Fraser)

Tir Righ Chief Scribe
Mistress Sigridis Gala Eiriksdottir
(Sheila Wright)

The Scribes of Tir Righ also maintain their own website.

The College of Heralds e-mail list

The Tir Righ College of Heralds has an active e-mail list, to discuss all aspects of heraldry. You don't need to be a herald to join, you just need to be interested.

Visit the subscription page ( to sign up. All your friends are doing it.