Heraldic Titles in Tir Righ

For the list of who holds these heraldic titles and jobs, see Tir Righ Heraldic Staff.

Here in Tir Righ, we follow the practices of the Kingdom of An Tir, which in turn follow those of the Kingdom of the West, from which we all spring.

In the SCA, the Chief Heraldic Officer of a Kingdom is titled the "Principal Herald", and is entitled to a heraldic title. In An Tir, this is the Black Lion Principal Herald.

The prime Herald for Principalities in An Tir (and the West) are entitled to a heraldic title, but are not considered a "Principal Herald". Tir Righ's is our Silver Yale Herald.

The branch herald for local groups are Pursuivants. Baronial branch heralds are entitled to a title, while Shires and Cantons will use their branch name. Lions Gate's herald is the "Sable Loat Pursuivant", while Seagirt has the "Coquille Pursuivant". Lionsdale's branch herald (for example) is the "Lionsdale Pursuivant".

The members of Silver Yale's staff are also titled Heralds and Pursuivants, and have specific duties. Following period practice, Tir Righ has adopted the names of its awards for some of the heraldic titles.

As well, historically the Chief Scribe has been a deputy in the College of Heralds, and so has always had a heraldic title to go with the job. In An Tir, this was the Sable Sable Herald. Since the position was made a Greater Office onto its own, the Cheif Scribes of Principalities and Baronies in An Tir are allowed to carry on this tradition, and grant their Cheif Scribe a title.

Silver Yale Herald
The Chief Herald for the Principality of Tir Righ. Administrative head of the Tir Righ College of Heralds, responsible for the overall functioning and training of the heraldic arts & sciences in the Principality

Hafoc Herald
Contingency deputy to Silver Yale.

Silver Pillar Herald
Deputy responsible for protocol and ceremony in the Principality, as well as the Tir Righ Order of Precedence.

Red Flame Herald
The Tir Righ Submissions deputy, responsible for handling all the heraldic submissions for Tir Righ.

Silver Sparkes Pursuivant
The administrative deputy to the Red Flame Herald.

Blue Inkhorn Pursuivant
The notifications deputy to the Red Flame Herald, tasked with handling submissions after they've passed through the College.

Black Adderbolt Herald
The deputy responsible for Heraldic Education in the Principality, including setting up the Heraldic Symposiums.

Consulting Deputy (currently untitled)
The Tir Righ Consulting deputy, responsible for the Principality's library of heraldic resources, and assisting in the research of names and devices for submission. Usually responsible for setting up "consulting tables" at Tir Righ events.

Silver Wolf Herald
The deputy responsible for field heralds and town-crier heralds at Principality events.

Lynx Herald
The deputy responsible for the Tir Righ College of Heralds website.

Court Herald
The deputy responsible for Principality courts, and ensuring a suitable court herald is available for Coronet-level events. This position is usually a personal choice of the Prince & Princess, and so is not sworn in as a herald of Tir Righ.