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Silver Sparkes Pursuivant

The administrative deputy to the Red Flame Herald. Duties include:

-Receive submissions via mail/in person, and resubmissions possibly via email/digital options
-Check for accuracy of payment and submission forms
-Scan submission forms to 300 dpi, following file naming conventions, including cropping device/badge images for OSCAR
-Upload all scans to Office in appropriate labelled folder
-Update Submissions tracking sheet and Payment sheet on Office
-Update Quarterly Report document on Office
-Collect all payments and send to Exchequer once per month
-Email submitters and consulting heralds to confirm receipt of submissions -Liaison with submitters, consulting heralds and Red Flame for any administrative requirements while submission is being commented in Tir Righ KLoI.  Includes initial redraws to correct minor emblazoning, naming preferences, etc.

Contact: SilverSparkes@tirrigh.org

AgneƟ Scherer

Home Branch: Lions Gate

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Took Office: October 2022
Office Expires: October 2024

Gules, three pairs of shears Or.