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Blue Inkhorn Pursuivant

The notifications deputy to the Red Flame Herald, tasked with handling submissions after they’ve passed through the College. Duties include:

-Read through Red Flame KLoI decisions, LoAR uploads
-Email submitters and consulting heralds to inform of Acceptances or Returns at both KLoI and LoI levels, includes helpful advice given by Red Flame for resubmissions as needed
-Update Submissions tracking sheet from KLoI and beyond on Office Update Quarterly Report Document on Office

Contact: BlueInkhorn@tirrigh.org

Lady Adelheid Wyss

Home Branch: Tir Righ

Roll of Arms | Order of Precedence | An Tir Wiki

Took Office: January 2023
Office Expires: January 2025

Or, three piles in point issuant from sinister base gules surmounted by a bear couchant sable, a ford proper.