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Red Flame Herald

The Tir Righ Submissions deputy, responsible for handling all the heraldic submissions for Tir Righ. Duties include:
-Create Tir Righ KLoI (internal letter) and upload submissions on OSCAR, evaluating documentation for clarity
-Liaison with Silver Sparkes to address any administrative issues with submissions
-Make decisions on Acceptances and Returns at KLoI, update Decisions document on Office for Blue Inkhorn
-Summarize KLoI commentary for upload to Tir Righ LoI (external letter)
-Liaison with Lions Blood Herald as needed if issues concerning non-Tir Righ items arise
-Update Quarterly Report Document on Office
-Report to Reporting/Hafoc herald quarterly

Contact: RedFlame@tirrigh.org

Lord VĂ©mundr Syvursson 

Current Branch: Seagirt

Roll of Arms | Order of Precedence | An Tir Wiki

Took Office: April 2023
Office Expires: April 2025

Pily barry argent and azure.